Twisted Krissmuss 2011

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Introducing the Get-Away Globe from Cyrious!  This beautiful mini-skybox is just 11m x 11m with lots of ways to enjoy this private romantic get-away packed inside a pretty yet inconspicuous moon. A wooden platform rolls back to open up a couples cuddle pool, while a nearby set of pillows offers so much more than snuggles. Several high quality animations - no freebies & no static poses! And only $100 during Twisted Krissmuss!

DV8 is putting on it's annual Twisted Krissmuss event December 9th - January 6th this year, and Cyrious will be one of the shops participating! I could try to rephrase it myself, but the DV8 creators said it so well already:

Why we're doing this:
The economy has really hit a lot of people hard - and when the economy is bad, the holidays usually suck. And the holidays should NEVER suck. Now, we can't really do anything about that in real life... but in Second Life, we can. And we're going to. We mean to make it affordable for people to get nice holiday presents.

What it is:
A holiday shopping tour, put on by Second Life creators who want to make the holidays more awesome than they might have been for many. It runs December 9, 2011 - January 6, 2012.

Twisted Krissmuss 2011 Official Website - We've been told this will be updated for this years event, very soon - so bookmark it and check back later!

Twisted Krissmuss 2011 Flickr - Preview some of the items available!

Keep an eye out for future updates from Cyrious - I'm hoping to offer at least a couple more items up for Twisted Krissmuss aside from the above.

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