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Beloved Collar Order Form
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2. Purchaser Name (If not you. If you made the purchase, enter N/A):
3. Where was the purchase made? *
4. Did you order just the Collar, or the Collar with Cuffs? *
  • Collar (L$999)
  • Collar with Cuffs (L$1499)
5. Do you require RUSH Delivery? (L$500 extra) - If YES, enter date/time we agreed upon. (Must have my prior approval.) If NO, enter N/A below. (Normal Delivery is 3 days from the order date) *
6. Which collar style do you want? *
7. Do you want the collar to be Unscripted, or Open Collar Scripted? *
8. What would you like the ID tag to say? Max 4 words per line, up to 3 lines total. *
9. ID Tag Font (Stick to SIMPLE fonts - too complex = lost details! Available for English language only, sorry. See www.dafont.com for ideas. Free non-demo fonts only.) If you want to leave it up to me, type DEFAULT. *
10. ID Tag Text Color (If you would like the text color the default etched Grey as shown in the example picture, type DEFAULT. Otherwise visit www.w3schools.com/html/html_colornames.asp and type the name of a color from that site, below.) *
11. Is there anything else you want done that I didn't ask about? If so, write it here. If not, write N/A. *
12. I realize not everyone is a perfect speller or typist. If you like, I can do my best to correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation. (English only) *
  • Leave my custom text exactly as I wrote
  • Please correct my spelling, grammar and punctuation to look as good as possible.
13. May I (Nedria Cyr) use your pictures / pictures of your custom collar for further advertising, and to serve as examples of the work I have done? (You will not receive any compensation for this, just my gratitude.) *
  • Yes, you may
  • No, please do not


1. Create a new Notecard
2. Type in it your avatars name (not display name)
3. Drag and drop your full permission pictures into the notecard. If they're not full perms, they won't work.
4. Save the notecard, and rename it "Beloved Collar Pictures - Your Avatars Name"
5. Send this notecard to Nedria Cyr

If you'd rather, you can email the pictures to me at shopcyrious@gmail.com.