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After the feedback I got from the survey I sent out, coupled with my own thoughts on things, I decided to make some changes at Cyrious that I'm excited to share with you - There is one minor drawback, for a load of benefits!

The "Bad": All Cyrious products are now mod/copy/no transfer. I am no longer offering mod/no copy/transfer items.

And now for the good stuff! Since all the products are now no-transfer, I was able to change to a really fabulous vendor system (BSM by Cory Hancroft, for the curious). This system gives us:
  • Customer Terminal. This awesome all-in-one terminal allows you access to several things all in one convenient spot! Get a product re-delivered, check your store credit balance (rewards points! see below), Join the mailing list or Unsubscribe, Join the in-world group.
  • Product Re-delivery. Accidentally delete something or forget to make a backup before you modded an item? Grab a new copy at a Customer Terminal!
  • Buy as Gift - Click the vendor and choose "Gift", and "Direct Gift" to send an item to a friend. I recommend only using this option when they're online to receive it immediately, otherwise it's possible it may get lost.
  • GIFT WRAPPING! Want to give someone a pretty box with the gift by hand?  You can do eeet! Click the vendor, choose "Gift", and "Boxed Gift" and follow instructions.
  • REWARDS Points - Get rewarded for your purchases! Once you spend L$1000 at Cyrious, you receive 5% back on future purchases in the form of rewards points. After L$2500 spent, you get 7%, and after $5000 spent, you get 10%. You can check your store credit balance at any time from the Customer Terminal. When you've accumulated enough points, simply click on a vendor for an item you want to use them on, and choose "store credit"!  
  • Gift Cards!  I have not yet finished putting these together but will have them available in the store soon!
  • Affiliate Vendors:  I will be making affiliate vendors available in the near future!

For further details on how gifting and custom giftwrapping (boxing) works, or more info on the rewards program, please visit the store in-world store.

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