Update 12.07.11

Like silly stuff?  Like to fish?  Great news for you 7Seas fishers - there is now a 7Seas Fishing Pond at Cyrious and there are custom fish to be had, that you can't find anywhere else!  The elusive Ketchup Fish has returned, and it's brought some friends - Mustard Fish, Hot Dog Fish, Hamburger Fish, and Egg Fish! More fish will be coming soon too, so make sure you stock up on bait!  Speaking of bait, you can also find a pole vendor and bait vendor at the fishing pond now. :)

The Twisted Krissmuss event starts December 9th and runs through January 6th!  Visit Cyrious during this period and grab a couple great transferable gifts for only L$100!  And since these have never yet been released, you can be sure you're getting your friends & loved ones something they don't have!  I've added a second item to the offering for Twisted Krissmuss - The Mediterranean:

+Cyrious+ Mediterranean

While everything comes in a cute black and grey gift box already, I've gone ahead and created some custom color gift boxes for you all to come and grab!  They're to the left of the doorway, outside the store. Due to permissions reasons they have to be Mod/No Copy, but feel free to grab as many sets as you need - they're free!

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