You want a piece of us?

Introducing the +Cyrious+ Affiliate Kit!
This kit includes everything in the picture! Single Product vendors, Multi-Product vendors, Shop Signs, Branded Pose Stands, and some low-prim shop Furniture!

To top off the awesomeness that comes in the box there is help all over the place to get you started and help you be successful! This websites "Affiliate Info" tab will give you information on the kit as well as what all is included and how to set up...  and the "Affiliate Help" tab has a FAQ for troubleshooting. And if you do decide to buy the kit you will receive an invite to the +Cyrious+ Affiliates Group where there will be even more access to help and you will be added to a mailing list that will be contact when there's important information or updates available. See the awesome and come get a piece of the action and help spread +Cyrious+!

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