Buildings Galore!

It has been a wee bit quiet on this front but that's cause there have been buildings under construction that are now up for grabs at the store!

First on the list is the Grunge Club!
This club suits all your Grunge/Industrial club needs! Just look at the ad pics below for a peek at the awesome!

The build includes industrial wall fans built-in, ceiling grates, stage with rigging, wall of amps, stage monitors, and dancer platforms, and a cozy hangout nook. All other decor or equipment pictured is not included.

All the size details you need to know! - Length: 30m - Width: ~26m - Height: 15m  at peak - Only 96 Prims!

Next on the list of newness is the Chic Club!
This awesome club comes with 2 versions right off the bat!
The undecorated version that has just the bare essentials. The club, bar, 3 barstools, stage with rigging, and DJ booth. This version has a total of 218 prims.
Then there is the decorated version it has everything in the undecorated version plus some decorations that enhance the club in our humble opinion. This version has a total of 304 prims.

The DJ Booth, Bar, and Stage are Modular. You can move them around and keep or get rid of what you want.
Here is some of the basic details you may want to know!
Everything is mod and copy! If it says no mod it's because of a script inside!

Building: 136 Prims and is 36m X 36m
Bar: 32 Prims
Stage: 25 Prims
DJ Booth: 19 Prims
Turntable: 21 Prims
Barstools: 2 prims each

The last of the building this release is the Galaxa Station!
This is a set of Sci-Fi themed Shop Buildings. The set has 6 Building Variations. Includes Built-In Teleporters. Bonus! Shop Sign, Wall Frame & Billboard

The shop comes in 2 sizes. Size 1: 36m x 36m Size 2: 40m x 16m  and has a height between 20m and 30m  and between 36 and 82 Prims depending on the building you chose! There are 3 building types to chose from and each has 2 different versions.

That's it for the epic mega building release!

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