Bound Demon Set

RAWR!  The Bound Demon set is finally released, and now you too can unleash your inner demon! This detailed accessory set comes with details you don't find just anywhere.

+Cyrious+ Bound Demon Set

Set includes: Demon Horns, Shoulder Armor, Cuffed Sculpted Demon Hands & Arms with fur glove base, Tail with custom emotes & twitch, Cuffed Sculpted Demon Legs & Hooves with fur sock base, Collar with chain, necklace, and 3 variations of Alpha layers.

Everything that looks red in the ad changes color and is animated with a light plasma pulse script. The claws drip blood and turn on/off with chat command.

Color change is done via HUD or by menu - your choice! Any color you could imagine is possible.

This set requires Viewer 2 or higher, or Alpha Layer compatible Third-Party Viewer.  The set is recommended for average to smaller sized avatars - not recommended for super tall or male avatars, unless the male avatar is on the shorter and more willowy side.

See the set in action in this video teaser!

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