First Pose! Ringing It In

+Cyrious+ Ringing It In Pose Set

Well I had so much fun creating a pose for the demon accessory set that is due ANY DAY NOW, that I decided to do more! In the spirit of New Years Eve and coming together with friends & family (or even strangers) virtual or not, I bring you the "Ringing It In" pose ball set.

 I used AvSitter to create it (ironically) so that each person can individually adjust their own position to suit height differences! You can also hide/show the set with a chat command.

Also, for those who don't like adjusting poses by menu because they're kinda daunting with all those tons of buttons, I've made a little tutorial video on how to adjust this pose set (or anything else that was scripted using AvSitter). I ramble a little bit, but hopefully it's good infos.

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