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The Cyrious Updates Blog has moved from Blogger to Wordpress.  I will leave this notification up for awhile, and then I will delete the blog.

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Slight Change to Custom Ordering

I have received feedback from most of you that used the web order form to place orders for the "Beloved" line of customized items, that most of your pictures are too big to be sent by the file uploader. I have modified all the order forms to remove the file uploaders, and instead included directions at the end to send me the pictures by notecard or email instead.  Hopefully this will help get rid of a little frustration and confusion.


The Last Twisted Krissmuss before the Apocalypse!

If you believe the whole Mayan calendar signaling the end of the world thing, well then I guess this year is the last Twisted Krissmuss EVER!  Personally I'm of the belief that the Mayans had to run out of room on the calendar at some point. Anyway!

As of Midnight last night - or technically, this morning - Twisted Krissmuss 2012 has begun!  You may be already familiar with the Twisted Hunt - well Twisted Krissmuss is put on by the same folks, but don't worry! No hunting for tiny little boxes involved.

Click here for the official Twisted Krissmuss website, and you can find all of the information you need about it, right there... but let me give you a quick recap of the most important stuff.

When: December 7th, 2012 - January 4th - 2013

What: A number of stores have made brand new items of their normal creation quality - and they're making all these items Transferable, and only L$100!  We all believe that no matter what holidays you celebrate this time of year, and with the economy being as bad as it is, that we have it in our power to make it easier on those who would like to share gifts with their friends and loved ones, so that you can spread more cheer to others without going completely broke. And now, I will share with you what Cyrious has to offer you!

Naughty & Nice Christmas PJs

+Cyrious+ Naughty & Nice Christmas PJs for Women +Cyrious+ Naughty & Nice Christmas PJs for Men

+Cyrious+ Naughty & Nice Christmas PJs for Female Petites +Cyrious+ Naughty & Nice Christmas PJs for Male Petites

Are you on the Naughty List or the Nice List this year?  Either way, these PJs will tell people which of Santa's lists you're at the top of!  These PJs come in 4 versions: Womens, Mens, Female Petites, and Male Petites.  All include a cute mesh Santa Hat and some other extra goodies.  The normal avatar clothes come on all layers. The mesh petite clothes use the Yabusaka clothing template, so if your Petite isn't Yabusaka or based on the Yabusaka Petites, they won't fit.  (Fallen Gods, Mynerva, etc. will fit.)

Coffin Skybox

+Cyrious+ Coffin Skybox Ad +Cyrious+ Coffin Skybox

Now the dark at heart can sleep like the dead!  This small dark themed skybox fits on a 512 Sqm parcel, and is only 41 prims - and it really is coffin shaped!  It has been divided into 3 rooms and makes sure there's no wasted space.  Turn the rooms into your bedroom, living room, and dungeon play space, or study, meeting room, or even hot tub room. Whatever fits your fancy!  It has built in wall torches and skull candles, a 2-way fireplace, and fun hidden doorways. Sculpted gothic arch windows and sculpted dramatic drapes complete the look!

Twisted Skates - Krissmuss Edition

+Cyrious+ Twisted Skates - Krissmus Edition Ad

If you missed out on the Twisted Skates in the familiar Lament Box pattern during the Fall 2012 Twisted Hunt, now is your chance to get them in one of 7 fun holiday patterns!  This smart-ass skate is definitely for the Twisted folk with it's skull hardware, spikes & studs and it's big red tongue sticking out at anyone it's pointed at. Each set of skates includes versions for Women, Men, Mesh Petites, Demon/Fauns, and even comes with a roller skating AO!

Santa Turkey

+Cyrious+ Santa Turkey Ad

I couldn't let the holidays go by without one of my Strange & Silly items. This tasty turkey avatar may only be about as tall as a Mesh Petite, but it's loaded with silliness and fun!  It comes with a built-in Santa Hat, and a Removeable sack of toys so Santa Turkey can pass out gifts to all the good little gobblers. (Toys not included) The avatar should work with most standard AO's, and may require a little height offset. Requires a mesh compatible viewer for the body smoosher.

One more thing...

If you missed the notice, the line of "Beloved" customize-able items is currently ON SALE at 50% Off!  The sale is for an undetermined amount of time, so it could end at any time - be sure to buy your ordering kit today!  Even if you're not ready to use it yet, you can get it while it's at a super-low price, and then use it later!  See the "Custom Gifts" section of the Main Store. (They're also on sale on the Marketplace too!)