Let's Skate!

The Daytona Beach Cart Sale is right around the corner and +Cyrious+ has some goodies for you! The event starts August 15th and goes until the 31st and will be your first chance to get your hands on the new Rainbow Rollers! And just for the duration of the cart sale they will be L$49 so now is a good time to snatch up these beauties! The landmark for the cart sale is right HERE! Here is the booth you are looking for!

Now for a closer look at the beautiful skates that will be featured at the sale!

These colorful sneaker skates come in 2 versions, Day and Night, and come with a skate AO so you can skate to your hearts content!

The AO comes with:

- 2 "stand" animations
- 2 "walking" animations
- 1 "landing" animation
- 1 "jumping" animation
- 1 "running" animation

AND you can rez the AO and add in more animations if you so desire!

With the AO and the skates being only L$49 at the sale it is a steal, so make sure you grab a pair of each (to go with every outfit of course) before the Daytona Beach Cart Sale ends and they go up to their normal price of L$299!

Now this sale may end on the 31st but that is the eve of another event that is as twisted as its name would suggest! Twisted Hunt starts up September 1st and Cyrious is once again taking part! Be on the lookout for more updates as time gets closer!

Are you ready for the DARKNESS?

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