Just in Memorare

Looking for a gorgeous gothic fantasy build to set up for a gathering? Look no further than the beautiful Memorare build!

This huge building will attract attention with its towering arches, and leaves you plenty of room to gather or even put up shop with its 93 m x 93 m x 89.5 m footprint! And for smaller spaces the arches can be removed and still leave a beautiful build with a 60 m x 60 m x 41.5 m.

While the build will fit on a 8649 sqm plot of land with the magnificent arches (it will fit in a 4096 sqm plot of land without the arches) a 1/4 sim is suggested, so you don't have to get this building perfectly square and can adjust it to fit in the beauty of the sim rather than a plot of land.

This 323 prim beauty is so versatile it is a must for any gothic RP sim for whatever use your imagination can fathom!

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