Beloved Bracelet Set

So, I failed at blogging again and forgot to post this...  This product has been out for about a week and a half, and is already becoming quite popular!

+Cyrious+ Beloved Bracelet (Couples)

Beloved Bracelet Set

What better way to show your loved one how much you care, but with a special unisex-friendly bracelet to serve as a precious reminder of your time together?

Together you and I will create a beautiful timeless trinket that the special one in your life will never want to take off - and by giving such a customized gift, you can be sure it won't be something they already have!

This is an ordering kit for a set of 2 matching Modifiable, Transferable customized Bracelets.

Inside this kit is a notecard with all of the information you need to send to me to order your custom Bracelet set. Bracelet sets will be delivered to the purchaser within 48 hours of sending me your order notecard. Special rush orders will be considered if indicated, and time allows.

You are able to customize:
- The side panels of the bracelet with 2-8 pictures
- The center panel with 1-3 lines of text
- Sizing (by hand and by ultra-low-lag script w/delete option)
- Text color and font
- Custom message that only the owner sees in local chat upon rez
- Custom message that only the owner sees in local chat when bracelet is touched.
- Both local chat messages can be changed yourself in the future as well.
- Bracelet comes inside a classy giftbox that opens when touched, and displays an actual copy of the bracelet.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

NOTE: The Kit is NO-TRANSFER, the Bracelets will be TRANSFER!

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